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08-Aug-2017 02:49

But now I’m stoked to announce that as it turns out, we indeed will be able to do this on the other side of the pond so I’m over the top happy about that!!Remember guys, this will be a once in a lifetime experience seeing us playing all kinds of obscure tracks off the first album, stuff from the 2nd & 3rd albums that we ain’t played in over 15 years and the general rule really is that there will not be a single song newer than the Hate Crew Deathroll tracks so it’s all about old school COB!Flight status is quite on time, seat and plane are nice and new.

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Overall, however, a very good five and a half hour journey. I only found out I had to pay for my bag at check in bag drop.She was amazing and I owe her so much for making my experience better. (this is the 21st century) - 1 check in bag should be standard on all transatlantic flights!